disassemble repair? service

Sorry to say, spent to much time and result still not working. consequential error? Följdfel

consequential error? Följdfel? efter kabelbrott och utlöst termosäkring. Funktions testas hos ägare.

Rice cooker lights up💡 and make sound after “repair”. I understand electronics but not how with rice cooker with Korean text works. I lights up, but it can have consequential error (följdfel)???

Hopefully repair service CUCKOO CRP-G1030MP  rice cooker. Elektrisk riskokare

Cable break and termofuse break

 Termofuse original  250V 10A 184°C  SW-127T HCP8

 Termofuse New ----“---   150°C   hopefully this 30°C lower is ok.

Blue connection (70Ω after repair) white&white

other end W & W- Termocable( 1W-> F_AC 1W?)

Yellow Yellow red  connection full connection. Termocable( Y&Y(? --> mb

Kip37 under connection???